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Full Home Systems
of 4, 6, 9 and 12 panels
done very inexpensively...

Panels run between $140 and $240 these days (each)... At the time of this edit, my favorite 345 watt panel runs $199. Twelve would be $2,388, for a solar array with a power rating of 4,140 watts per hour, for a MAX daily total of 20,700 USABLE watts.  (Based on a 5 hour max sun angle per day; but panels still produce some before and after that time.) We figure on 15,525 average per day PLUS.

GOOD AGM batteries cost from $300 to $700 each (they are expensive in my book), depending on type and size. My lowest priced 48 volt battery bank (lead acid), which has an astounding power rating of 16,800 TOTAL watts (Note: only half of that usable) costs only $3,400! We also have the biggest baddest 48 volt battery in solar use; the MTS Power Monster... The battery has a minimum rated USABLE capacity of 31.6 kilowatt hours, for $6,900, with an central irrigation system included. 

Controllers run about $500 and Inverters (24 & 48 volt) run from $850 to $3,000 depending on how much you want to pull at a time...
The best split phase 120/240 6000 watt unit runs $1,200. These and can handle a 3x surge of up to 20 seconds! 

Panels and batteries are local, so no shipping and customs time to deal with, and there are no taxes on the panels and Monster Battery, as solar is IVU exempt with proper form filled out. OTHER BATTERIES are NOT IVU exempt.

"Base" installation is figured by $180 times number of panels, plus $400 for control room hookup. Anything additional will be "estimated" (custom racks, special case panel mount construction, or very troublesome wire runs). Most times it is just the basic stuff, and you can even hire others to do some of the ground work for less money. So, "base" labor price for the average 12 panel installation would be just $2560.

Solar design and analysis for 12 or less panels, in an average configuration, is included in the figures and no charge up front (basically done when I do your free estimate).

So, you see the cost for the basic average 12 panel system will run around $16,000 to $18,000... after installation with GOOD battery.

One final note... If Master Tech does your installation in Puerto Rico, you will only pay dealer or distributor COST for your equipment and harware! We charge absolutely NO MARKUP
  • Vieques Service Charge (applies to anything not done at MTS facility): $40.00
  • Job Minimum: $80.00 per JOB (first 30 minutes of Level 1 diagnostics)
  • Hourly Rate - When Applies: $120  
  • Level 2 Diagnostics is $120 per hour
  • MOST Jobs by Flat Rate Estimate after initial (Level 1 & 2) diagnostics
  • Level 3 and Level 4 Diagnostics bid by written Estimate
  • Travel Time: $60.00 per hour (only applies to certain jobs off VQS)
  • After hours "Call-Out" & Marine Hourly Rate: $240.00 
  • There is a three-hour minimum for "Call-Outs" and two-hour for marine.
  • NOTE:  We have a "no new work policy", which means: "No new jobs will schedule or start until your current invoice has been paid in full and on time."
If I am coming TO you, expect to pay a minimum of $120.00. If you bring a car to us, then you can expect $80.00 initially, and be informed of  an estimate for further diag nostics and/or repair(s).

Design, Troubleshooting, Repair, Consulting & Training

The Master Tech "Power Fleet". We can get there, and get it done!

What services does Master Tech Services have to offer?

  • Household/Residential Electrical - Diagnostics & Repair
  • Business/Commercial Electrical - Diagnostics & Repair
  • Household Appliances & Electronics - Diagnostics & Repair
  • Business and Shop Equipment & Tools - Diagnostics & Repair
  • Gas & Diesel Generators (to 150kw) - Installation, Diagnostics & Repair
  • Solar Troubleshooting
  • Computers and Computer Training (sorry no Macs)
  • Energy Conservation & Retrofit Services
  • Electrical & Mechanical Design & Testing
  • Audio/Visual Design & Installation
  • Wifi Consultation and Installation
  • Solar Design
  • Electro/Mechanical Design De-Bugging & Consultation
  • Systems Design Analysis
  • Electro/Mechanical Design Services
  • Industrial Design & Production Consultation Services
  • Business Efficiency Analysis
  • Electrical/Mechanical Design Reverse Engineering/Re-Design/Modification
  • Automobiles & Light Trucks - Diagnostics & Repair
  • Heavy Equipment &Tractors - Diagnostics & Repair
  • OTR Trucks (etc.) - Diagnostics & Repair
  • Recreational Vehicles (ALL sizes)
  • Automotive Electrical - Diagnostics & Repair
  • Solar Design & Troubleshooting
  • Helicopter Piloting & Flight Consultation
  • Aircraft Ownership Consultation Services
  • Aviation Charter Formation Consultation Services
  •  CFR (Code Of Federal Regulations) Interpretation Training *
.* This is NOT legal interpretation or representation services on your behalf.

  • Diagnostics & Repair of Sailboats & Power Boats
  • Sailboat rigging inspection, adjustment and replacement
  • Marine Outboard Engines - Diagnostics & Repair
  • Outboard Engine Sinking Recovery and Restoration
  • Under Water Repairs & Recovery (certified rescue & recovery diver)
  • Marine Electrical - Diagnostics & Repair
  • Electronics Systems Consultation & Installation, Instruction & Training
  • Navigation Equipment - Installation, Diagnostics & Repair
  • Audio/Visual Design & Installation
  • Solar Design & Troubleshooting
  • Specialized Marine Surveyor & Pre-Buy (former insurance forensics - Y&SC)
  • Boat Piloting & Instruction (power, sail, PWC, outboard, kayak)
  • Charter Management Optimization & Consulting
  • Charter Fleet Maintenance & Training
  • Vessel Ferry and Relocation Services (short or long distance)
  • Fill-in/Backup Captain Services (sail or power - contract or client rate offer)
  • Contract Captain Services (fees by agreement)
  • Off-Shore Cruising & Safety Consultant
  • Electrical Engineering & Design Troubleshooter (30+ yrs)
  • Master Electrician/Technician (25+ yrs)
  • Contract Electrical Project Manager (15 yrs)
  • R&D Consulting Engineer (25+ yrs)
  • NASA Sub-Contractor 1994-1996
  • Manufacturing Contract Production Project Manager
  • Power Design Consultant and Research Technician for NASA Contractors

  • Automotive Master Eletrician, ASE (30+ yrs)
  • Marine Master Electrician (25+ yrs)

  • "The Solar Doctor Online" (1994 - 2021)
  • Professional Solar Design Engineer & Technician (20+ yrs)
  • Solar installation, research & design (40 years)
  • Solar Consultant to Installation Contractors
  • R&D Teams: Kyocera & Sony R&D
  • Solar Intern with Tandy Corp & NASA JPL - 1978-1980

  • Small Generator Technician since 1979
  • Public Utility Generation Technician 1986-1994
  • Master Generator Tech (25+ yrs)
  • Stand-by & Commercial Generator Fixed Installations since 1990
  • Factory: Cummins/Onan, Perkins, Yanmar, Kubota, & Generac
  • Gensets: Briggs, Quest, Himoinsa, Pramac, Northern, Westerbeke, Panda

  • Aviation & Aerospace Technologies - Design & Repair (20+ yrs)
  • Experimental Aircraft Pilot & Technician since 1996
  • Commercial Helicopter Pilot since 2004
  • Air Maintenance & Design Test Pilot 2004-2009
  • Air Racing Tech Crew Member (Reno) 2009-2011
  • A&P Qulaified Aircraft Technician
  • Qualified Aircraft Charter Operations Manager

  • Automotive Master Mechanic, ASE (25+ yrs)
  • Marine Master Mechanic (Gas & Diesel - 20+ yrs)
  • Heavy Equipment Master Mechanic (25+ yrs)
  • Small Engine/Motorcycle Master Mechanic (25+ yrs)

  • "The Boat Doctor Online" (1994-2015)
  • Marine Forensic & Technical Surveyor (SMS - Y,SC - 25+ yrs) - former insurance investigator (State Farm - Farmers - AAA, in California)
  • Marine Relief Engineer & Pilot (20+ yrs)
  • Marine Charter & Fleet Technical Consultant (25+ years)
  • Rescue, Salvage & Repair SCUBA Diver (30+ yrs)
  • 50 Ton USCG Master Captain with Sail Endorsement for Inspected Passenger Vessels & Commercial Assistance Towing
  • Computer Science - Programming & Repairs (30+ yrs)
(Above qualifications & experience earned in California & Florida, USA)

Celebrating 8 years working in Puerto Rico as a Master Tech!


Molina Construction - M & M Construction - Architect Stanley Hutchinson -  Isla Nena Renovations - Descuento Morales - Restaurante Bili / Amapola Inn -  Bananas - Duffy's -  Tin Box - Lazy Jacks - Malecon House - Blackbeard Sports - El Blok - Hector's By The Sea - The W - Isla Nena SCUBA - Sea Gate Hotel -  CocoLoco - Vieques Adventure Company - Esperanza Riding Company - Marauder Sailing Charters, and MANY MANY MORE... and hopefully YOU. 

MOST "work" (AFTER Level 1 & Level 2 Diagnostics) is done on a flat-rate, where you will get an estimate in advance of start of work. Diagnostics is based on hourly above, as I have no idea when I get there how long it will take to find a problem. YOUR BIGGEST BENEFIT is the fact that I am considered on of the fastest Diagnosticians in the business.

mobile: 787-318-0466

email: info@vimastertech.com

Retired from San Diego Gas & Elecric Co
(A Sempra Energy Company)
San Diego, CA
Was part of the team that originally brought compact fluorescent bulbs to market in the late 80's as part of a California Public Utilities Commision incentive program...

Consulting Engineer for the design team at Kyocera for the development of the monocrystalline high energy solar  panels we use today.

Power and generation supplier for Hollywood movie production for more than 20 years.

"The Boat Doctor"  on: Cruiser's Forum, Boat Diesel . com, and Seven Seas Cruising Association websites.


GENERAC 20KW with Auto Transfer

GENERAC Auto Transfer

55KW Perkins with Stamford Head

20KW Aurora

30KW Perkins with Stamford Head

25KW Hipower

22KW Generac Air Cooled

15KW Perkins

Generators . . . More art form than science when time to troubleshoot.

Helicopter pilot & Tech

San Diego Gas & Electric

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